Self-confidence in public speaking


We all know these questions that arise in our heads: how will I present myself, will I make it, how will I look and what will happen if I forget something, what to do with my hands, how to set my legs, aaaaaaaaaaa!?


After this workshop there will be fewer of these questions and the level of spontaneity and confidence will increase significantly. Based on exercises from the world of improvisation you will experience how to distance yourself from speaking, how to silence your inner critic and how to feel good about having a presentation in the company. 


The essence of improvisation is to spontaneously create, to initiate ideas 

and flexible response. By improvising, you constantly enter new situations and learn through experience. 


After this workshop: 

- you will increase your confidence in new situations, and it will be more difficult to surprise you,

- you will increase flexibility and spontaneity of your reactions, 

- you will broaden the palette of your personal expression and learn how to draw on your sense of humour.

During these workshops

using methods taken from the world of stage improvisation, I teach attitudes and skills that are also crucial for the business world:

- active listening, 

- attention and focus on partners, and on what is happening "here and now",

- acceptance and development of ideas by adding one's own creative contribution.

All this in atmosphere of consent to make mistakes and without judging whether something is good or bad. 


After this workshop the participants: 

- will build up mutual trust, the awareness that together they can go into the unknown by cooperating effectively, 

- will see supporting others and enjoying diversity in a team in a completely new light,

- will be more flexible in changing roles in a team and will learn to take over and, when necessary, give up the leadership role. 


Who will gain by participating in this workshop? 

- teams that want to be more effective at work and they appreciate the good atmosphere of cooperation,

- project teams appointed for short terms to perform a specific task,

- newly created interdisciplinary teams.

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Team creativity  


Creativity is a key competence in almost every job, especially in today's rapidly changing business environment. In the process of creating new, innovative ideas, a "flow" state is useful - one in which ideas "appear on their own" when you look at a challenge or problem from a different perspective. This specific state consists of three key elements - spontaneity in creation, an attitude of consensual cooperation and an atmosphere of trust and security. Improvisers during a performance, with no stage design or script, come up with the whole reality themselves, creating characters, the world around them, dialogues and the plot of the show. They use improvisation techniques that help them enter the state described above. 

In innovation, team creativity is extremely important – using the ideas of others and developing them, adding something from ourselves. In this workshop we want to stimulate and train the mechanisms of joint inventing, co-creating and developing ideas. We will learn how to judge less and accept more, how to fight less for one's own idea and how to add one's own contribution to something we are building as a team. 


After this workshop participants: 

- will experience the benefits of creative thinking without judgement, 

- will unlock or improve spontaneity and innovation, 

- will learn a new approach to creative group work, which key value is to support ideas created by others. 


Who will gain by participating in this workshop? 

- people for whom creativity and innovation are essential elements of professional work,

- leaders who want to create an innovative atmosphere and inspire their teams to create ideas efficiently,

- those who take their first steps in innovative work. 



Flexibility in unusual situations


Life, both personal and professional, is a frequent change - new circumstances, people, places, challenges. During your presentation someone asks a surprising question, you want to convince someone to your right, or you are in a new place where you don't know anyone. In each of these situations you need to go into it quickly and communicate effectively. These attitudes and skills can be taught in an extremely efficient and attractive way by improvisation, i.e. reacting spontaneously without preparation, creating an imaginary reality without a plan, fully "here and now".  


I offer a unique workshop based on tools and foundations of theatrical improvisation. During such a workshop one exercises the principles of creative communication, improves flexibility and spontaneity of entering new situations in improvised scenes, learns attitudes and techniques that increase confidence, effective communication and cooperation. 


After this workshop: 

- flexibility and spontaneity of participants' reactions is increased,

- participants’ confidence in new situations is increased and it will be more difficult to surprise them, 

- participants will learn effective attitudes and tools to make teamwork much more effective.


Who will gain by participating in the workshop? 

- people who want to increase their confidence at work and in life,

- those who feel stress in new situations,

- those who work in a changeable environment where constant change is a weekday,

- team members who want to improve mutual understanding and cooperation.

Impro vuca


In the current reality, the acceptance of unpredictability and the ability to adapt to changing conditions are key competencies and should be the basis for practically every business and venture. After all, the current reality is the so-called VUCA world: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.


Such skills are impossible to teach on a theoretical training, they are built in experience. That's why I offer you a workshop based on the techniques of stage improvisation, the essence of which is to find oneself in uncertainty and constant changeability - after all, we, improvising actors, create a performance on stage without any preparation. 


During this training the participants will experience:

- entering without preparation into new situations and dealing with them, that is, an improvisational "listen and react" attitude, based on focusing on the present moment,

- reacting naturally according to the improvisational principle of "yes, and...", that is, to accept what has already been said and to add to it my creative bricks, so as to effectively create a coherent story,

- acceptance of mistakes and the joy of missteps, according to the improvisational principle "I don't judge myself and let myself be carried away", that is, to spontaneously and lightly draw on my creativity and maintain confidence in every action.


After this workshop the participants: 

- will increase their self-confidence in new situations, it will be more difficult to 

surprise them, 

- will increase the flexibility and spontaneity of their reactions,

- will learn effective attitudes and tools to cooperate with others and will become much more effective, 


This workshop is entirely submerged in an atmosphere of good, light and integrative fun. Its essence is humour and creative creation. It enables people to get to know their co-workers from

a new angle, often discovering their hidden talents. It provides not only skills development but also a solid dose of endorphins ☺

Impro-innovative solutions


Your company or team has a new and unique concept to come up with? 

Or maybe you are stuck at some stage of the project and you don't really know what to do next? 


I suggest a workshop combining activities, exercises and games from the world of stage improvisation and independent creative work of the team, which will result in unconventional ideas. 


After this workshop your team: 

- will go beyond the current patterns of action and thinking, stimulating their creativity and breaking the creative stagnation,  

- will approach creative work in an innovative way, using attitudes 

and skills which are the linchpins of impro, 

- will create out of the box, original ideas and solutions.   





Team - a set of individuals who must work well together to achieve their goals. What does it take to make this possible? Success is achieved by teams whose members feel that they have influence on their actions and know how to make use of the diversity of characters, experiences and skills of the people who create them.  The basis of such cooperation is an attitude of acceptance, atmosphere of trust and security, thanks to which everyone can express their opinions and be heard. How to achieve or at least get as close as possible to this desired state?

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