And above all,

a human being 

I can laugh at myself, play guitar, tennis and create good relationships. I love music, concerts and to immerse myself in films, enter literary and poetic worlds and experience culinary tastes. I am interested in people in their personal uniqueness

and the world in so many shades of culture.


In this work I support and accompany the other person on the way to achieving their goal, desired changes in life or greater personal cohesion.  



In a training room (or online)

I find a great pleasure in introducing people to experiences, thanks to which they can practice and strengthen attitudes and skills, which results in better cooperation, communication and flexibility in action.  


On the stage (also the online one too), I enjoy creating an imaginary reality without prior preparation, i.e. spontaneously,

in front of the audience.  

I am a stage improviser,

trainer and coach.


Both in my training and coaching work

I use improvisation, in short "impro", hence the Baranskimpro. 

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 +48 501 67 12 67