What does coaching have

to do with improvisation? 


A lot. 


In improvisation we are equal partners on stage, we go together into the unknown,

immersed in the present, in mutual attention, trust and acceptance,

we create together a coherent, imaginary world. 


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In coaching, the person who wants to work with me and I are equal partners in the relationship that is happening "here and now". It needs the same level of acceptance of what is happening between us, a lot of trust and attention. We only know in the beginning where we are going - where this person wants to go. The whole essence of this work is to find the right, optimal way to do it and to move on. This human being tries to find his way, I as a coach, accompany and support them in this process. During our journey we improvise together, looking for the right answers between restrictive beliefs as well as patterns of thinking and feeling of the person who comes to work with me.   


Do you feel that you can't move on in some sphere of your life?


Do you want to change something in your life, and you don't know how?


Maybe you have a problem or challenge in your work, and you don't see the right solution? 


Let's find the right way for you together.   




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